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During the 5 years of work in Barcelona, we have worked with many vendors of finishing materials, furniture and accessories. We are pleased to share with you a list of the approved and best ones. In addition, we are ready to provide you with support and advice upon purchase.



Our name has been closely linked to Barcelona for almost 100 years and the sector of designer furniture. Constant development and improvement have allowed us to keep up with the times, following innovative trends of different eras. What has always remained unchanged is quality, functionality and a high level of service.

Four generations were at the helm of the company with a century-old history focusing on design, interior design, and production/sale of furniture.

Professionalism, experience and passionate fascination with our work has been used in thousands of variants of ideas for commercial (Contract segment) and home use (Hogar segment).

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Our company sells designer furniture and accessories through a network of outlets and an online store.


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Kave Home

You will definitely enjoy what we do by mixing and combining the latest trends in furniture design with elements of eternal classics. Don't you enjoy houses with that reflect the character of their tenants? That is what makes them special. Do not hesitate! Immerse yourself in unique combination options, add "personality" to your space, support fashion trends or even better - create your own!

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The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Their spaces are never boring and always full of imagination and inspiration. Since 1981, the company has been surprising its’ clients and retail partners worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an unique passion for design. They include fascinating discoveries, ranging from obscure artisan workshops with unexpected and unique pieces of furniture, to lovingly crafted, traditional wood furniture that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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Sit Down

We offer our customers a rich range of designer chairs, office chairs, chairs for educational institutions, dining areas and classic interior. In addition, we have an extensive catalogue of stools and chairs for the hotel industry. We have a team of professionals specializing in the design of large spaces, such as restaurants and hotels. By working with us, you will receive exclusive designer chairs that meet all the requirements of your business.

In the past, present, and well into the future, the designer chair will be a sign of unique distinction. Almost 30 years of industry experience and commitment to personal service and customer consulting help us understand your desires when choosing the perfect chair for your space and budget.

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We are Ernst Veldhaysen and Anneli Linsen, a married couple from Holland. We have been living in Barcelona since 2018.

We love home and interior design. When creating the interior in our new apartment in Barcelona we faced some difficulties. It turned out that it was difficult to find designer furniture at a reasonable price.

As a result, we decided to open BANQA, a store of goods for interior design, where you can purchase designer, authentic and unique furniture, as well as get excellent service and consulting. And all this is available at really affordable prices.

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At Ambit with over 30 years of history, we offer professional and personal customer service. The main purpose of our work is to create a unique space that meets the character and needs of each customer.

Our store presents exhibitions of various Spanish and foreign furniture manufacturers with which we cooperate (Treku, Joquer, Sancal, M114, Puntmobles, Stua, Extendo, etc.).


We specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms and hallways, doors, flooring and floor coating, as well as modern furniture and high quality furniture for the interior and exterior.

Our highly professional team of designers and decorators is always ready to offer you the best solutions for your project, as well as to provide the best delivery, installation and after-sales service options.

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Estudi de La Garriga

El Estudi de la Garriga offers a large selection of furniture of the best brands at competitive prices. All projects are implemented using exclusive and original furniture that meets the needs of the client, which allows to achieve timeless, neutral, elegant and universal style of design.

The studio staff has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and interior project development.

Our studio offers comprehensive maintenance, which includes all stages of project development by proven specialists. Service of translator of Russian and English languages by preliminary request. Departure to the client's address. The best brands of the industry.

El Estudio de la Garriga is a true quality benchmark both in Barcelona and around the world.

Office Furniture


Steelcase is the industry's leading company that will help you create a good impression. We offer a range of products and services in the field of architectural solutions, furniture and technology development capable of helping our clients to unlock their maximum potential.

Steelcase, Coalesse and Turnstone are the three main brands that form the basis of our range. Together with distributors, we create premises that improve overall health and improve the quality of work or study.

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Our philosophy is simple: we believe in what we do. Each project is implemented with such enthusiasm as if it is the first and with such attention and interest as if it is the last.

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Abelux has been specializing in lighting for over 70 years.

We have a huge catalogue of major international brands and a wide range of products for any premises, style and place. We work using the latest technologies and always implement the latest design trends. Over 1,000 reviews speak for themselves! Lighting projects are implemented according to your personal preferences and budget after consulting a team of specialists. Abelux has its own repair and restoration service, thanks to which we perform custom plafons and abachments of any type. Choose materials, color and style, and our specialists will put your idea into practice.


BioscaBotey is a lighting fixture store founded in the early 20th century in Barcelona, during an era which was marked by new art movements such as modernism, impressive architectural structures and the rise of vanguard in society.

Over the years it was positioned as a symbolic store of the city and took part in the implementation of many projects, among them: Sagrada Família, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the conference-center «Forum» and the Torre Agbar.

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Hardware Stores


At Alberch S.A., we offer a range of services, from consulting on the selection of materials suitable for your project to directly installing them. The complete list is given in the list of works performed. We have specialized equipment, as well as treated and untreated wood. All this makes it possible to guarantee the availability in the market of wood of the first treatment, which facilitates subsequent carpentry and construction works.

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Servei Estació

Servei Estació is a multi-disciplinary store with the widest selection of materials and products for home, crafts and repairs. We try to constantly update the range, and more than 55,000 items, tools and accessories that you may find in our store serve as a good confirmation.

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Tile / Plumbing Fixtures

Tono Bagno

Plumbing, floor and wall tile shops in Barcelona. We specialize in the design of bathrooms, quality floor and wall tiles for all premises. A wide range of mixer taps, toilet, shower, bath, screen and bathroom furniture brands, as well as porcelain, ceramic, cement, mosaic, outdoor and synthetic floor and wall tiles (up to 12 different types).

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Currently, PORCELANOSA Grupo is the leading company in the national and international markets which was built on values such as innovation and quality, but the main component of which remains the trust of its large team of specialists consisting of almost 5000 people, as well as attention to your social environment.

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Catalonia Cerámica

Since 1986 Catalonia Cerámica is one of the leading companies engaged in the sale and distribution of materials and construction solutions in Catalonia.

Catalonia Cerámica is a company that always strives to offer its customers the best products, solutions and a wide range of brands.

Success would not have been possible without a good selection of products. Catalonia Cerámica pays particular attention to the selection of suppliers to offer its customers the best and most diverse assortment of products, both Spanish and foreign. High quality of service is complemented by the large warehouses with a permanent stock of goods.

Matter Barcelona

We offer a carefully selected fashion collection of ceramic coatings, parquet and bathroom equipment. Our team of professionals will consult you, help you choose materials and select the most appropriate solutions for your project.

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50 years of creation of dream spaces in Barcelona that meet a high level of functionality, quality and design.

Unique places in your home where you can relax and get distracted from weekdays, every day.

We bring the best international brands to Barcelona and we bring them together to create something unique. We participate in the whole process: from design development and selection of the best materials to construction.

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The main activity of Parkestil is laying parquet and wooden flooring, as well as selling these materials for large exclusive projects and for home use. All delivered products are of guaranteed high quality.

In Barcelona (Catalonia) we are the leading company in the field of parquet and wooden flooring. We ensure high quality of materials and works, maintaining the spirit of authentic craft.

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HEARTWOOD specializes in additional services to design coatings for walls, ceiling and doors. Beyond your imagination.

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Textile Shops

La Maison Barcelona

La Maison will happily help you create comfort and convenience at your home.

Having wide experience in La Maison, we serve as "guardians" for each of our clients, we take into account their wishes, share our knowledge and bring special values to each project: magnificent quality and exclusivity while giving preference to natural fabrics and organic materials.

Following the canons of good taste and relying on years of experience in the field of decoration, La Maison harmoniously balances the wishes and needs of the client with the curiosity of the real researcher.


Our textile company has a very long history. In 1897, the Murtra family began activities in this market segment. The founded company grew and gained experience until it became a reference enterprise in textile decoration.

LIVING66 was the result of hard work and constant training, and now the company is ready to offer fresh ideas and professional and creative solutions.

Thanks to a team of young professionals and their wide range of experience with textiles for home and commercial use, LIVING66 will easily pick the right decor for any project. If you are looking for inspiration, please visit our exhibition hall.

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BSB Alfombras

A combination of talent of the most outstanding designers and skilled realization of the idea from the best natural materials. Unique things with history and character.

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The company was formed in 1988 on the basis of a group of enterprises with more than a century history (since 1907), and the main field of its activity was the sale of all types of carpets and additional goods for the house.

At the head of the enterprise are representatives of the fifth generation who in awe preserve the principles and traditions of its origin while not forgetting about constant development, high quality of service and compliance with the new time. The company is tirelessly seeking new solutions to meet customer demands and improve the sales system.

At present, the shops of the enterprise are present in the center of Barcelona. Inside of them you will always find the widest range of goods such as carpets of all kinds and floor covers (carpets, mats, material cutting and everything related to it).