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The Features of a Restaurant Design

Powerful «WOW effect!»
In any restaurant project, we are focused on creating a «WOW-effect» that will linger in your client’s mind!

Business is the priority
A restaurant is not only about cuisine and design - it is, first of all, your business. When developing the project, we do not chase design for the sake of design; we remember the importance of the number of tables!

Room performance
A feature of a restaurant design is compliance with the standards of customers and staff movement. Therefore, the interior design is based on the ergonomics and performance of your future establishment.

We remember about general utilities
The general utilities are of the utmost importance in any commercial space, the design goes next. We carefully study what we are dealing with, carry out diagnostics if necessary, and only then proceed to the design.

The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant. All general utilities are concentrated here. We will listen carefully to you, your chef and make the kitchen comfortable and functional.

Surprisingly, but the lavatory is often the hallmark of a restaurant! 50% of the "WOW effect" should fall upon the "ladies' room". This is what will actively promote your restaurant through posts.

One picture paints a thousand words.

Simple Steps

Write or call us.


Personal meeting on site

We will get to know you and your desires. Discuss the vision of the future interior design.


General utilities diagnostics

Our team will be able to visit the site and make diagnostics of all general utilities.


Execution of documents

We will prepare the documentation package in accordance with your desires.


Design specification

We will take measurements, photograph the object and conduct a survey. We will draw up design specification.


Measurement plan

We will create drawings of existing walls and structures with heights and links to utilities.


Zoning and layout concept

We will determine the required area of each room. We will create a layout concept.


Concept creation, work with references

We will find out your preferences. We will create a concept board (collage) for the future interior design.


Day and night 3D visualization

Visualization will show your future interior to the finest details.


Completion of construction documents

We will create a drawing packages, taking into account all general utilities, finishing materials, furniture and installation procedures.


Documentation of non-standard items

Each project contains individual items - all these things require detailed specifications and drawings.


Amount of work budgeted

Necessary for a quality tender procedure among builders.


Construction schedule

We draw up an optimal work schedule. We select and approve appropriate contractors.


Designer’s supervision

The goal of the designer's supervision is to create such an interior so that expectations coincide with reality.

What Will You Finally Get?


Will provide you with free analysis of the premises before buying /rent;

Define the task;

Create a clear vision of the project;

Develop an idea and a complete working design for builders;

Free you from shopping and communication with suppliers;

Take over the project implementation and free up your time;

The average speed of project execution makes 4 weeks per 100 m².

80 €

Square meter



Please send your contact details and with details of the enquiry.

You can contact us by mail: info@stz.es


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