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Villa is a place for your inner peace and tranquility.

The Features of The Villa Design

Analysing your rest
Your rest is our focus. When we get to know what your inner peace and tranquility are, where and how you cut off from external noise and everyday problems, we will create a world that suits you.

Zoning your life
Zoning is the ground zero. The first design phase is to carry your ideal day over to a drawing! Morning coffee, breakfast on the terrace, swimming pool, SPA, gym, wine ... - every step will be responsive in the design of your villa.

Practical aspect and ergonomics
Design for the sake of a design is a utopia. Usability and ergonomics are essential. Design begins with your awakening in the morning and ends with the hour you go to bed. All this affects the ergonomics of your space. We will live your day with you even at the layout stage.

We remember about general utilities
Water, gas, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrics, internet, light and smart home system - this is a huge number of engineering networks that we will develop according to your demands and habits.

Thorough working out of details
Villa design is a fusion of aesthetics and technology. Sophisticated solutions down to the last screw are essential. A detailed design will save your budget on redesign during construction.

You have probably heard many times: “Sorry, we are not releasing this collection anymore”, “Sorry, this kitchen is on waiting list for 6 months” ... Finishing materials and furniture are always a capricious variable in finishing. We’ll take care of this and will always find analogues for any position on time, within your budget.

The decor is like a cherry on top
Your villa should reflect your soul. This is manifested through the details that fill the interior over time. We are ready to take this process upon ourselves, because home interior decor is part of creating a single image of a room and cozy atmosphere.

One picture paints a thousand words.

Simple Steps

Write or call us.


Personal meeting on site

We will get to know you and your desires. Discuss the vision of the future interior design.


General utilities diagnostics

Our team will be able to visit the site and make diagnostics of all general utilities.


Execution of documents

We will prepare the documentation package in accordance with your desires.


Design specification

We will take measurements, photograph the object and conduct a survey. We will draw up design specification.


Measurement plan

We will create drawings of existing walls and structures with heights and links to utilities.


Zoning and layout concept

We will determine the required area of each room. We will create a layout concept.


Concept creation, work with references

We will find out your preferences. We will create a concept board (collage) for the future interior design.


Day and night 3D visualization

Visualization will show your future interior to the finest details.


Completion of construction documents

We will create a drawing packages, taking into account all general utilities, finishing materials, furniture and installation procedures.


Documentation of non-standard items

Each project contains individual items - all these things require detailed specifications and drawings.


Amount of work budgeted

Necessary for a quality tender procedure among builders.


Construction schedule

We draw up an optimal work schedule. We select and approve appropriate contractors.


Designer’s supervision

The goal of the designer's supervision is to create such an interior so that expectations coincide with reality.

What Will You Finally Get?


Will provide you with free analysis of the premises before buying /rent;

Define the task;

Create a clear vision of the project;

Develop an idea and a complete working design for builders;

Free you from shopping and communication with suppliers;

Take over the project implementation and free up your time;

The average speed of project execution makes 4 weeks per 100 m².

90 €

Square meter



Please send your contact details and with details of the enquiry.

You can contact us by mail: info@stz.es


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